As we design and build our fourth vehicle this wiki will be updated with everything from designs to individual part datasheets. 

The Phoenix

Our third solar vehicle which debuted in the 2012 American Solar Challenge.  The Phoenix later went on to place first in the 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix.

Length 5.0m
Width 1.8m
Weight 220kg
Cruising Speed 40-50mph
Top Speed (estimated) 85mph
Solar Array 390 SunPower C60 Solar Cells (22.5% efficient)
MPPT AERL RACEMAX 600B (98% efficient)
Motor NGM M150 Motor (10hp max)
Battery 30kg LiFePO4 (3.94 kWH pack)
Brakes Dual redundant hydraulic disc brakes, caliper brake, and regenerative braking.

The Phoenix

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